gorilla direct marketing was founded in 2002 by a team full of experts who operated and developed marketing companies across the united states.

we decided it was time to create the future of the industry by adding cutting edge technology with professional consultations by some of the best direct marketing experts in the industry.

Gorilla direct marketing delivers result while minimizing costs. its the marketing company you will go bananas about!


With a hectic «on the go» schedule, cutting corners and maximizing time is an essential component. With our all-inclusive marketing strategy one stop is all you need.

Gorilla Direct Marketing  buys you time and money by fusing some of the best data in the market, a graphic design team, a mail house, and live telemarketers for your next marketing campaign.

With intensive market analysis, Gorilla Direct Marketing has been able to provide prime a data to any and all markets in the nation.

Boasting one of the best in house graphic design teams our personalized postcards effectively have had a Gorilla size branding bite on the designated demographic.

Whether its direct mailing or mass mailing our mail house has allowed us to gain the trust of our costumers by efficiently and effectively delivering.

Telemarketing has  been an essential tool for any marketing strategy. Not only has it been a pillar and strong point for many marketing strategies but is constantly innovating  itself and maintaining its luster.

Here at Gorilla, we have a staff of experienced telemarketers with up to date technology.

With a professional and courteous approach, our seasoned staff customizes and tailors each individual call according to our costumer’s criteria providing a solid  appointment or live transfer.

When on the go, Gorilla Knows!

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