Trabajando en la oficina

Here at Gorilla Direct Marketing we are masters at Hyper targeted
Direct Marketing (which is not mass marketing).


We know exactly how to find your target audience, create a campaign to effectively reach your audience and help you track the progress every step of the way.

 Along with every custom campaign, you get a custom list in a reusable format with an accuracy rate of 95% or higher to keep for your records. 


Every month watch your accurate, targeted list filled with potential clients and sales grow by the hundreds! 

Custom lists and campaigns


Graphic Design

Our Graphics are created by some of the best designers from around the world who develop high quality graphics with the latest design software. 


With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee  you have nothing to risk. 


We get it perfect or it doesn't go to print. 


That's the Gorilla Gaurantee! 


6x9 Postcards

With our Gorilla sized postcards, printed on 12 pt stock, you will always leave a lasting impression. 

Nobody forgets being hit by a Gorilla! 

Order your Gorilla Postcards today!



A highly admired sales coach was once asked what the best method to generate leads is. His answer? There is no one great method. There are, however, hundreds of ways to generate leads. The more you use, the more leads you’ll generate.

COVID-19 has not only devastated the health of our nation but, has placed an uphill battle that we will definitely win in our nation’s economy. The luxury to risk financially now means all or done.

Here at Gorilla Direct Marketing we have generated a risk-free, all-inclusive, cost effective, branding strategy. A marketing strategy that combines goals and objectives into a single comprehensive plan. Put simply; a marketing strategy designed to brand perpetually.


These are the 4 key elements that GDM has managed in their strategy to keep their customers with leading edge on their competition:

1. Segmentation.

2. Targeting and positioning.

3. Promotional tactic.

4. Monitoring, assessment, and evaluation.

Reunión de grupo

We understand that all of our customers current and potential customers fall into specific segments or groups. We identify the demographic plus their needs through market reports and market research and immediately begin generating and customize all data according to needs.




Gráfico de inversión

Once we have identified the market segments that represent the greatest profits for your business and have generated the corresponding data the direct mailing campaign begins. 

It’s an all-inclusive postcard, definitely not your traditional size, 6 x 9, front and back, 12-point stock. They are phenomenal!! Every individual segment on your data will each be hand delivered 2 postcards 30 days apart from each other keeping the perpetual cycle.

Targeting and



Targeting and positioning


Immediately upon the 2nd postcard reaching its destination our telemarketing staff begins setting up appointments or live transfers. Our seasoned and experienced staff understands the importance and value of each lead and provides quality A service as if they were one of our own. Once identified that the lead has met the criteria requested by our customer all the necessary data is collected to either provide a live transfer to our customer or set an appointment for that lead to be contacted at a certain date and time.




Promotional tactic

Bar Chart

We ensure the best data hygiene practices. There is 95% accuracy on all of our data; any error is typically due in part to government records. Every cycle our customers are provided a list typically in Excel format. The list not only allows our customers to monitor, assess, and evaluate progress but also provides our customers a secondary option to market to everyone on that list as well.

The list includes multiple data points, such as addresses, names, phone numbers, and other specifications depending on the targeted demographic. Unfortunately, many people in business skip this part. Monitoring and evaluation have helped our customers see how well their strategy is performing. It also helps them devise a future marketing strategy. In other words, it has both short- and long-term benefits.

Monitoring, assessment and evaluation


Monitoring, assessment and evaluation